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Chainfire don’t get your attention. They grab it from your fucking throat.

There’s a reason that this commanding Saskatoon, Saskatchewan-based metal trio is poised for dominance over the Canadian metal scene. Refusing to rest on their laurels and waiting for success to come to them, this bombastic outfit is in the trenches grabbing it for themselves. Instead of dreaming and talking about it, we’re doing it, says vocalist/guitarist Brad about Chainfire’s already-impressive career. Barely past their fifth anniversary, Brad, Chris and Richard have already exceeded the seemingly-lofty goals of many peers including the release of independent full-length Details in January 2007, followed by a Canadian tour and music video for track Under Me.

With a sound comprised of blistering rhythms capped by guttural albeit melodic vocal melodies thrust forward by grinding bass and drums, the Chainfire style is muscular and brutish while still incredibly enticing. Twisting a diverse musical past together over a foundation of heavy metal, the inflections of many musical genres create a dynamic, forthright sound that is instantly unforgettable and original. Refusing to be pinned into one minute aspect of metal, Chainfire has created their own genre that perfectly encapsulates their direction.

Adding to Chainfire’s list of accomplishments, their performances across the Prairies have garnered the band endless airplay for  Lay Down & Under Me, over two provinces, top honours and awards in a host of competitions and a ravenous fan base that is ever-growing. Dynamic and inventive while still clutching tightly onto unforgettable melodies and rhythms, the nine songs that comprise Details translate into boundless energy and restless ambition. Projecting on the future of Chainfire, Brad is characteristically blunt. We’re not content with being only a Saskatoon band. All things considered we’ve made incredible strides and we’re happy with the success we’ve had but we’re not stopping here. We’re working harder then ever on every aspect of our music; pushing in forward furiously and relentlessly.

Brad – Guitar/Vocals
Brad/Richard – Bass
Richard – Guitar/Backing Vocals
Chris – Drums

“Details” – Full length, Released January 20th,2007
“Under Me” – Music video released in May of 2008